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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a sporting event where everyone sets their own course and runs their own race wherever they happen to be on the planet.  You sign up online, receive a bib number, run your race on Saturday, March 31, 2012, and submit your time.  You will be competing with people from all over the world who are running the race on the same day.

Who can participate?

Everybody and anybody!  There will be professionals and amateurs, from Boston Marathon legends to people who have never participated in any kind of sporting event.  There is no age limit and there are no restrictions on any kind of disabilities.  So walk, crawl, jog, sprint, bring your pet, drag your friends off the couch and get out there and enjoy the race.

Why should I run a virtual race?

Why do you run any race?  It is a competition.  For this virtual race you can challenge yourself against fellow runners all over the world.  The difference here is you do not have to travel, book a hotel room, rent a car, fight the crowds or stand in long porta-potty lines.  You can use it as your first formal race, or as a training run for your next marathon.  Dick Beardsley, along with numerous celebrity runners will be competing, so you will have the opportunity to compare yourself to some racing legends.

Need another reason to run?  How’s this:  The money you donate will be used to help the Dick Beardsley Foundation and is tax-deductible.  (Please visit the Dick Beardsley Foundation website to learn more about this charity.)

Furthermore, there will be a virtual swag bag with virtual prizes and discounts at participating local and online retail stores.  There will also be race prizes for various place finishers, group participation, and fundraising assistance.

How will you award race prizes?

Because this is a virtual race, it will be impossible to verify first, second, and third place, and when you submit your time, you will not know where you rank until all the times are submitted.  Therefore we will be awarding prizes for various place finishers such as 209th place (Dick Beardsley’s Grandma’s Marathon course record), 1982nd place, (the year of the famous “Duel in the Sun”) and 5,000th place (that’s right, it’s about time you got a racing prize!).  Find out more on our official Prize Page.

What are the three forms of race participation?

There are three types of participants:

Runners:  These are people who physically cover the 5K distance and submit their times.

Race Fans:  If you don’t feel like getting out and covering the distance, you can still be a fan of the other runners with a virtual “cheer.” The minimum donation is twenty-five dollars.

Super Race Fans:  These are people who want to do more than just give a simple donation.  They also want to help raise funds for the Dick Beardsley Foundation.  Super Race Fans will have a separate form that allows them to track the amount of donations they receive from other people, and get credit for them.  Prizes will be awarded to the people who raise the most money.

What if I am running a different race that day?

You can do both!  Whether you are running a 10K, a marathon or a 5K, simply mark out a 5K portion of that race and use that time to submit for the virtual 5K.  You can even organize your own race with your friends, coordinate with a local fitness store or challenge your running club, your church group or your school.  Remember, we will be awarding prizes to different organizations that have the most people sign up!

How do you take into account different race courses?

All races are arbitrary when it comes to race course conditions.  Some people run better in the heat; some people run better in the rain; some people are faster on down hills; others find they run faster with a slight uphill.  You may not be feeling well at one race and feel in top condition at the next.  Since you are competing for random place prizes, set a course that you feel is most advantageous to you!

Where does the money go?

The Dick Beardsley Foundation was formed to assist those suffering from chemical dependency.  (Please visit the Dick Beardsley Foundation website to learn more about this charity.)  All proceeds from the race will benefit the foundation.  The foundation is creating an inspirational feature film about the life of Dick Beardsley, his famous “Duel in the Sun” race during the 1982 Boston Marathon, and his victory over drug addiction.  As part of the Dick Beardsley Foundation’s mission, this project will help spread a motivational and positive story around the world.

1) Become a Runner
Your $25 tax-deductable entry fee signs you up to race. Makes you eligible for prizes and a Virtual Goody Bag

2) Become a Race Fan
Don’t want to run, but still want to support us? Your tax-deductable donation (minimum $25) is appreciated.

3) Join the Elite Ranks of the SuperFans
Raise over $500 by soliciting donations from others.




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