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Dick Beardsley Foundation

The Dick Beardsley Foundation will assist those suffering from chemical dependency who are unable to pay for a 12 Step treatment program, receive the treatment they need.

The Dick Beardsley Foundation enables Dick Beardsley to speak to our youth in schools and treatment centers across the world about leading a healthy, active lifestyle chemically free.  The Foundation’s speakers will focus on real life experiences and examples to make the education easy to absorb.  The Foundation will also educate both children and adults, about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and prescription drug abuse and the dangers of chemical dependency.  Dick Beardsley will use his own life experiences as an example of how easy it can be to become addicted to drugs, and how hard it can be to get out of such addiction.

The Dick Beardsley Foundation will educate the general public on the disease of chemical dependency.  The Foundation wants to start a dialog, to make people more comfortable and less afraid to discuss the subject matter of chemical abuse.

The Dick Beardsley Foundation wants to educate people about the warning signs of chemical dependency, the different ways a person can treat his or her chemical dependency, and how a person may receive help.

"The Dick Beardsley Foundation is an incredible gift to youth and adults alike.  The work of the Foundation is inspirational, motivational, and educational.  Coming from a home where my life’s journey was influenced by alcohol dependency, the very nature of the Foundation lives in my heart.  I love that Dick proudly speaks of the "white elephant" in the room, illuminates the hope that lies within each of us, and shares a journey that offers faith to those who so desperately need it.  There are so many things about Dick, as a person, that are noteworthy, incredible, and amazing.  If asked to pick one that inspires me, I naturally gravitate to this: Dick has a sincere, genuine, authentic heart.  His passion is clear and his purpose is true!  This I know from looking into his eyes and seeing his soul.  It’s not often you run across someone as real and down to earth as Dick.  This authenticity has led me to believe in his mission, support his cause, and carry the torch for him whenever I can.  Dick’s heart is sincere, his purpose noble, and his cause worthy."

– Life Coach Donna Johnson – "Renovate Your Lifestyle"

To learn more, please visit the Dick Beardsley Foundation website.

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